Tuesday, January 18, 2005

"We eat cold eels, and think distant thoughts." Jack Johnson

So, with this post, I mount my digital soapbox.

I've heard a lot of euphemistic optimism stumbling across your lips lately, Dubya. It seems that Iraq's rush towards embracing democracy is not only in full foreward stampede, but that it also portends the Middle East converting to the motto: Truth, Justice and the American Way. Funny how our less intellectually acute so attach themselves to the social mentalities of their youth. Unfortunate to say Dubya, but Superman was a fictional cartoon character. The words he uttered were written by screenwriters and cartoonists. Their aim was to sell more comic books, snack-bar candy and commercial time, not to define a socio-political philosophy supporting democracy and social equity. One giggles to ponder the irony that some of the writers may even have been 'Commies' set about to covertly pervert the American youth through sublimal messaging. Its called subtext, Dubya. Squint real hard as you mull over the ramifications, it seems to help.

And my friend, before you crow too enthusiatically over the potentials you've excited with your 'Shock and Awe'; your 'MISSION ACCOMPLISHED'; your 'Bring' em on'; your Fallujah, you might consider that it requires a military convoy to reasonably secure a person's life the short distance to the Bagdad airport. Call me a doubting Thomas, but I have trouble visualizing your ability to upend centuries of cultural, political and religious tradition when you are unable to insure that a man board an airplane, unless it be in a bodybag.

Iraq is your Vietnam, Mr. President. It is your history, your legacy; it is your talent, your failure!